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Becoming a writer can be a difficult learning experience. And being a black writer can be a solitary one. The Black Writers Collective is a community that looks to bridge both those caps and help you become the best black writer you can be.

Connect, empower, and educate. These are the three pillars of Black Writers Collective blog. They connect their writers with critique groups, provide accountability partners (a must), coaches, editors, and readers. Their resources and support empower writers to achieve their goals. And their online courses and retreats provide plenty of education.

Some of the collective’s best resources are their digital library where they have audio and ebooks to be checked out for inspiration and also ones that teach the craft. They also provide a comprehensive list of books written and published by black authors covering everything from nonfiction to how-to’s. Many of their resources are free and they also have monthly memberships, and even scholarships.

So for all you inspiring black writers looking for a positive, supportive environment where you can participate in writing sprints, goal setting, themed talks, research, and much, much more, the Black Writers Collective is a community you should check out. This is a true one-stop shop to learn and grow as a creative.

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