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Today we talk with makeup artist and up-and-coming beauty entrepreneur, Charlie Allen to learn more about her career, her newly launched lipgloss line, what’s hot in makeup for women of color, and more. Check out our interview!

charlie allen interview

Tell us about yourself and your career so far, how did you get into makeup and cosmetics? 

Well Hello! My name is Charlie Allen and I currently work for Macy’s as a Business Manager for CHANEL. I have been passionately applying makeup to my clients for 9 years, but started almost 18 years ago from applying to myself only to help cover the unwanted acne scarring on my face. I attended Carousel Beauty College right after High School, that’s where the passion for makeup started.

As a MUA, how do you choose what looks work for each individual client? 

I prefer for my clients to explain to me what their definition of Beauty is…That’s where I chose the company’s name DEFINE BEAUTY from. Every woman has there own definition of beauty, or know what makes them feel beautiful on the inside and out. I ask and they always reply to what’s right for one else! When they choose their look they feel more empowered, stronger, more beautiful than ever before.

What made you decide to create and launch your own brand?

After working for makeup brands over the years, I decided to launch Glazed Over Glosses. I felt that I wanted my clientele to leave with something from their service to remind them of our interaction. Of how great they felt upon leaving my chair. The makeup business has been so focused on a specific type of beauty and have left out natural women who just want a little kick in their everyday routine. I said to myself this is something that I can do!! GOD gave me a vision and I took off with his help! I could NOT have done this without him!! I owe it all to him…

Can you tell us more about Glazed Over Glosses?

Glazed Over Glosses is the 1st makeup item under DEFINE BEAUTY. It is a line of Clear (Vegan) Scented Lip Glosses. It is a moisturizing vitamin enriched gloss that provides a high ultra shine and is pumped with Vitamin E, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil. Glides on cushiony soft, lips instantly look refreshed, hydrated, and plumped! Not to mention Cruelty Free!!

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a black woman doing both makeup and attempting to launch your own brand?

The biggest challenge I have being a black woman and launching a business is being faced with bias in the business world which directly effects with obtaining funding, potential partners and even networking. Also, I would have to say a Lack of representation. I am in a field dominated by non women of color, so there is a lack of mentorship opportunities for women of color. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

My personal style has to be a bit of Casual Fashion meets Chic. I love to be my natural self, put on a gloss and go about my day, but when the time comes I will roll out the RED CARPET lol.

If you could choose your dream celebrity to glam up, who would it be and why? 

My dream celebrity to glam up would have to be ISSA RAE. She is my long lost twin!! She just has to be!! I admire her so much! Actress, Writer, Producer! I mean come on the list goes on…She is a huge supporter of “Everybody Black”, especially black women. She has real life experiences and tells her truth!! 

What are your favorite makeup trends right now? 

My fav makeup trend right now has to be neon eyes. For me, its an expressive form of art! I love the versatility. I also am loving the Blush trend. An over excessive amount of blush on the face to create that flushed look.

Which trends to you want to see go away? 

I am so over the Over The Top Dramatic Lashes… It has had enough time here. Lol!! It’s just too much!

What are the ultimate goals you wish to achieve in your career? 

I wish to achieve opening my own full makeup line and my own mobile makeup studio. So that way I can pull up on the scene wherever I am needed to do classes, parties, proms, weddings, and so much more.. I am so excited for the future. I know that God has so much in store for me.

What advice would you give an up-and-coming MUAs and aspiring entrepreneurs? 

The best advice I could ever give to all up and coming MUA’s and aspiring entrepreneurs is to GO FOR IT! Never PROCRASTINATE! Don’t ever second guess yourself! You got this! You can do it! Have Faith. No matter what may come your way never give up. You may never receive the support you think you will have from friends, family, associates, but go for it! Let that be the fuel that burns your fire!! You have what it takes! If you dream it you can live it. 

And Finally, what does the term “The Culture” mean to you?


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