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The black travel industry in on the come-up and we are talking with one of the rising star creatives in the field. Caroline Sande is a London based, world traveling, clothing line designing blogger and founder of TravelEatSlay. Check out our interview with this globe trotting creator for The Culture and #GetFamiliar.

Can you describe the TravelEatSlay brand to us?
TravelEatSlay is a stylish apparel line geared at a travelling community
allowing them to travel with a bold statement and a platform where travelers can share travel and food experiences. Curating group trips to Europe and events in London connecting like-minded creatives and travelers.

And what made you eventually decide to really go for it and try and become a traveler/blogger?
I was in a job that allowed me to travel and the brand was birthed through my escapades of travelling globally through work. Last year I decided to quit my full time job and focus on developing the brand further as well as take some time to embark on solo travels and write about my journey.

Are there any particular challenges you face as a woman of color traveling abroad? And since you have traveled so much, how do you feel black women are viewed globally?
It starts off with being comfortable in your own skin. I have travelled to
countries where I have been the only black woman in the plane – this means you stand out and your actions or movement can feel amplified and if you are not comfortable within yourself this can be a challenge. Some countries have never seen a black woman other than what media shows them which can attract positive or negative attention – unfortunately in my experience there is no universal view of black women. We can try to conquer this by being more visible in places that we are not commonly seen.

What are some of your travel essentials?
TravelEatSlay top of course  As well as a battery pack, an adapter and some snacks.

What are your three favorite places you’ve visited?And what are three places you’ve yet to visit that are highest on your to-see list?
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Tulum, Mexico
Accra, Ghana


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