6 Black Cosplayers


Cosplay is the shorthand term for costume playing, mainly as superheroes and anime characters. Some may call it playing dress up but make no mistake, cosplay is serious business. Not surprisingly however, the scenes has historically lacked melanin. But things are changing as people of color have stepped out of the shadows to show off both their love for Anime and comic books but also our unique sense of style. And to help the genre grow we’ve put together a quick list of 6 amazingly talented black cosplayers repping for The Culture.

Bishop Cosplay

Bishop Cosplay

Bishop Cosplay is a creator for The Culture with many talents. On top of cosplaying, Bishop is a photographer, journalist, podcaster, and creator of the blerd website popcultureuncovered.com. He clearly does a lot of cosplaying as the time traveling X-Man Bishop but he also has an epic Superman. He’s an OG in the field and has been cosplaying since 2009 with no signs of slowing down.


BlackKrystal Cosplay

Krystal is one of the black Queens of Anime cosplay. A lover of Anime since a child, she found a connection in the depictions of strong women with powers fighting crime, and even saving the world. She learned so much about Japanese culture from watching anime that she eventually pursued studying it, which gave me the opportunity to live abroad in Japan. And once she discovered cosplay it became her way of escape and self expression. She is we’ll known for her Anime cosplay but has also expanded into comic book characters including a mean Domino from the second Deadpool film.

Jazz The Bat

Jazz the bat cosplay

Jazz is one of the most talented and creative cosplayers in the game. She has made some amazing cosplays ranging from Mario boss Bowser to the infamous man ape from Black Panther, M’baku. Bold and untamed, Jazz represents for strong black women of every size with her amazing cosplay.


Kiera Cosplay

Kiera is an Anime fan who accidentally found her way into cosplay. After being told she looks like Garnet from Steven Universe, she decided to dres as her for Halloween. She killed it and fell in love with planning and creating costumes and a great black cosplayer was born. Being able to express herself in new ways and identifying with characters with weird backstories or magical abilities has not only made her big deal in the cosplay community but has also made her view life in a much more playful and hopeful light.

Tony Ray

Tony Ray Cosplay

Tony Ray is another cosplayer repping for The Culture in multiple ways. He’s an activist, cosplayer, and model out of NYC. His Static Shock cosplay is one of the best around and he uses his knack for cosplaying to help young people of color see them selves in superheroes because representation matters.

T-Stunning Spidey

T-Stunning Spidey Cosplay

Tyler Scott Hoover aka T-Stunning Spidey has dedicated his cosplay career to the various looks of Spider-Man. This east coast b-boy, climbs, jumps, flips, and spins, giving his Spider-Man cosplay that familiar look and feel fans are used too but with that extra flair one can only get from The Culture. He even teaches a master class on acrobatics and posing for others who want to take their cosplaying to the next level.

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