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Starr Scream Ent.

Creativity and storytelling are important aspects of The Culture and companies that excel and those aspects are of great value to creators. And one such company is in our spotlight for this edition of The Feat., Starr Scream Ent.

Starr Scream Ent. is a social media marketing and management agency focusing on TV/Film/Music/Books/Digital. They are a company with a long and distinctive history in The Culture. Starting out in hip-hop their clientele was mostly music related including rap pioneers Tha Dogg Pound and hosting SXSW events featuring the late great Nipsey Hussle before transitioning into a leading boutique marketing agency. Overall, since their inception in 2008, Starr Scream Ent. has worked with the likes of Oscar nominee Will Smith, Grammy winner Mary J. Blige, and Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola.

Operating by the motto “Everything we do is #PositivelyFresh!” Starr Scream Ent.’s mission is to help creatives create and bring their client’s visions to life in positive and uplifting ways.

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