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Hearing a unique musician’s genre-bending creations can be a moving experience but is oftentimes a rarity in today’s music scene. But one of those rare artists in this week’s #MusicMonday featured singer, Masego,

A Jamaica born, American raised singer/songwriter with a voice and musical style all his own, Masego describes his music as “TrapHouseJazz”. Lady Lady, his debut album that dropped in mid 2018 is a sophisticated, intoxicating mix of hard hitting drums and quite storm strings, guitar riffs, and horns. Fusing so many elements came from his upbringing . His farther was in the military and both his parents eventually became pastors.

Life as a military kid exposed him to many cultures and growing up in the church allowed him to learn to play instruments from talented musicians. All in all, Masego can play the piano, sax and the drums. And his musical influences vary widely from John P. Kee to legendary creators for The Culture like Andre 3000 and Cab Calloway. He had classic vinyl records on the walls of his room while at the same time having friends giving him hard hitting drums and trap music influences.

In a field oversaturated with similar sounds, voices, and subject matter Masego is a true breath of fresh air. He plays his own instruments and mixes genres few if any other artists have previously done. His vocal stylings are heart-felt and his content is earnest and not afraid to show emotions. See “Queen Tings” a vibey, trap/jazz infused ode to black queens everywhere. All of this and his career is just beginning. Be on the lookout for more from this multi-talented entertainer.

#FunFact: It was in high school when Davis adopted the name Masego after finding out his family had roots in South Africa. He did his senior project on South African culture and came across the name “Masego” and its meaning “blessings” in Setswana.

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