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new edition members

New Edition is the most talented group in music history. From top to bottom, every member of the group released a platinum album outside of the group, something no other group can say. So with a collective that is so deep talent-wise, it would difficult to rank them. But that’s exactly what we’re doing here. Check out our ranking of Ralph, Johnnie, Bobbie, Ronnie, Ricky, and Mike. The New Edition members ranked.

6. Ronnie DeVoe

new edition members ronnie devoe

The main MC of the collective. Ronnie flourished more as a member of BBD than with NE. His bars on “Do Me” are probably the most remembered rap verse on any NE related song. Also DeVoe was a very underrated dancer and arguably had the most style on any group member.

5. Michael Bivins

new edition members michael bivins

Also an underutilized member of the group. And like Ronnie DeVoe, Bivins was able to come into his own in BBD (the group he masterminded by the way). Michale is also a music business wiz. Responsible for not only his group but discovering ABC and one of the most successful groups of all-time, Boyz II Men.

4. Johnny Gill

new edition members johnny gill

The man that replaced Bobby Brown. A great vocalist who helped the group maintain their moment after Brown left. He became the co-lead vocalist with Ralph Tresvant. His powerful voice helped him standout on songs like “Can You Stand The Rain” and cemented his spot in the group and here on our list.

3. Ricky Bell

new edition members johnny gill

A great singer in his own right, Bell is the utility man of the group. Need some lead vocals? He’s got you. Need some hip-hip infused into your R&B crooning? He’s on it. Neither New Edition nor BBD would have sounding as good without Bell.

2. Bobby Brown

new edition members bobby brown

The most famous and/or infamous member of the group. A star no doubt about it, Brown stood out in NE without many lead vocal opportunities. And once he went solo, he took his career to another level. “My Poragative” was/is a truly groundbreaking R&B record. He followed that up with hit after hit and had the most solo success of all the members. Love him or loath him, Bobby Brown has made an indelible impact on R&B.

1. Ralph Tresvant

new edition members ralph tresvant

Statistically speaking, the least successful artist outside of the group, Ralph is still the GOAT. Tresvant carried the group in their early years. Without his exceptional and unique vocals, NE would’ve never gotten out of Boston and the rest of the members would not have been able to mature and grow into their musical talents. Plus “Sensitivity” and “Money Can’t Buy You Love” are two of the most underrated R&B songs of the 90’s.


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