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rdcworld1 comedy youtube


The RDCworld1 comedy YouTube channel can easily be considered THE comedy YouTube channel. With 5.8 million subscribers and over 1 billion total views, they at least have a very strong case.

RDCworld1 is all about making their viewers laugh. They do skits, vlogs, short films, and more. And their twist is that their comedy is a mix anime and The Culture. A lot of their content is dedicated to their fandoms of anime and gaming, as well as comedy and skits based on real life. More video topics range from videos about the NBA and NFL to if black people were the cast in horror movies and Squid Game. Just perusing their playlist and you will find video series like the Black Avengers, Hood Avatar, and Anime House. They also makes videos about American pop culture and social issues, but always keep it funny. The talented group of young content creators manage turn all of their nerdy interest into genuinely hilarious skits.

The RDCworld1 crew consist of Mark Phillips, Leland Manigo, Desmond Johnson, Affiong Harris, Ben Skinner, Dylan Patel, and Johnathan Newton.

Their first videos were about cartoons like Adventure Time, as well as rants about various things, like girls and college. They began to take off when their skit “When People Take Anime Too Far” went viral. And after that, they put the pedal to the medal cranking out consistent content and grinding their way towards the top of social network comedy game.


The crew are widely credited with creating the phrase “caught in 4k” and their multiple videos on Lebron James caught his attention and earned them a personal invite by James to the Space Jam 2 Hollywood premier.


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