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Talks With TJ YouTube Channel


The Talks With TJ YouTube channel is a go-to for sneakerheads and streetwear lovers. Creator TJ makes a variety of videos from unboxings to lookbooks to news and commentary. For fans of brands ranging from Fear of God to Jordan Brand, she’s got you covered.

TJ puts in work, dropping videos daily to keep her viewers in the loop. The videos are also very high quality. The lighting, the editing, and the music and sound are all top notch. TJ is knowledgeable and her passion for fashion and styling is evident in all of her videos. And that hardworking and dedication is paying off as her channel has almost 2.4 million total views and over 22k subscribers to date.

So if you’re trying to get fresh, or just curious about the newest sneaker releases, the Talks with TJ YouTube channel is one you should be watching.

#FunFact: TJ is also serious about balling on a budget. So much so that she created an eBook entitled “How to Build a SET Budget: Living for Today and Planning for Tomorrow, While Enjoying the Little Things”.

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