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If content is king then visual content is the king of kings. We use photographs and videos to communicate so much today. And thanks to YouTube it’s given people of color the platform to tell their stories their way. And on The Feat we’re featuring one YouTubers doing it for The Culture. and the gamers, Xavier Woods and his UpUp DownDown video game channel.

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Most video creators use YouTube as their path to fame but Austin Creed is the complete opposite. He was already famous as a four-time tag team champion, founder, and 1/3 of the WWE stable The New Day. And he has used that fame to explore another of his passions, videogames.

Woods/Creed is a natural born master of ceremony but besides him just being entertaining, what makes his channel so good is that he brings in other WWE superstars to play and talk. It’s cool to see different sides of these sports entertainers as they break character, laugh and check out both new and classic videogames. The channel has even expanded into sneakers with fellow New Day member Kofi Kingston and his sons checking out some of the new releases in the kick game.

Trips to retro arcades, game store hauls in Japan, game convention and tournament coverage, early game access, and even live streams, UpUp DownDown has all of your blerd gaming needs covered so check him out and game on.

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