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comedy trap house podcast


The Comedy Trap House podcast is an over-the-top comedic podcast that reps the lighter side of The Culture.

Step into the Comedy Trap House with the troop of talented, comedic creators for The Culture Dormtainment. The crew consist of comedians Mike Anthony, Jerome Rome Green, Chaz Miller, Cameron Miller, and Amanuel Richards who all bring their unique attributes and comedic touches to the proceedings. They’re hilariously insightful, thought provoking, and sometimes just flat out stupid. The crew discuss and crack jokes on current events, personal life theories, and their journeys to make it in Hollywood. They make you laugh, think, and inspire you to chase your dreams like they are. They are over 350 episodes deep with millions of listens and views on YouTube.

Recent episodes have featured topics ranging from being in attendance when Dave Chapelle was attacked on stage, dating while nearing the age of 40, a funeral in a club, and even orange juice in cereal. It’s laugh-out-loud stuff. They also bring on guest comedians to spice up the episodes. So if you need a break from all the heaviness in the world today make a visit over to the Comedy Trap House, just remember to take your shoes off before you enter.


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