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Today on The Feat. we’re featuring one of the most original YouTubers on the platform, Swoozie.

Originally recognized in our list of the 10 Black YouTube Channels To Watch, Swoozie’s channel consist mainly of him doing comedic story telling vlogs. He tells stories about his life covering everything from his childhood to his misadventures in the entrainment industry. But here is where the originality and coolness kick in, all of his videos, all of his tales are animated. The videos are funny and a lot of them have heart and teach a little life lesson. The animation is cute and adds to the comedic flare. All-around his channel is very unique and entertaining.

And the numbers don’t lie. Swoozie’s channel is one of the most popular on YouTube as he has over 6.2 million subscribers and he’s closing in on almost 1 billion plays! So if you want a laugh and/or you’re a bit on the blerdy side, Swoozie is a YouTuber worth checking out.

Check out his channel:

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Written by @TalentedMrFord

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