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Reggae and dancehall music have their own special place in The Culture. And one of the artist helping to push the genre forward is the very talented Chronixx.

“Prepare your minds and hearts for this revolution.” – Chronixx

Jamar McNaughton aka Chronixx is a 26 year-old Jamaican born singer/songwriter/producer making music branded as “Reggae Revival”. His lyrical content focuses more on themes of anti-war, self empowerment, black love and surviving the struggle. He began songwriting at an early age influenced by his singer father Selvin McNaughton , aka Chronicle. His father began to nurture his musical aspirations and Chronixx wrote his first song, “Rice Grain”, at the age of 5.

He got his first musical breaks in Africa before 2012 when his career started to bubble. He began getting airplay in Jamaica on the radio and started performing at festivals and clubs in Kingston. Soon after, his music crossed the ocean to America. His EP, Dread & Terrible, was released in 2014 and hit #1 on the Billboard Top Reggae Albums charts. In 2017 his debut album, Chronology, dropped and received a Grammy nomination. Lead by the single “Likes” which encapsulizes the singer’s frustrations with all-encompassing influence social media has on our world today. 

In 2020, Chronixx has released the first single “Dela Move” from his upcoming second album, “Dela Splash”. The title of the track and album are inspired by his hometown, De La Vega City, a district in Spanish Town, Jamaica. The highly anticipated album could take him to the mainstream of The Culture at large. With his unique ability to simultaneously mix old school and modern flows and soundscapes with content that is both deeply personal and accessible to all, Chronixx is an artist you need to hear.


Chronixx’s original artist name was “Little Chronicle” which he was given as an ode to his father’s stage name.

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