Culture Classics – Scenario by A Tribe Called Quest


a tribe called quest scenario culture classics

Scenario by A Tribe Called Quest featuring Leaders of The New School.

On Thursdays we like to take it back and give you a #CultureClassic. A film/TV show or a music video from back in the day that reps The Culture to the fullest!

What happens when you combine two of the greatest hip-hop collectives of all-time at the height of their popularity and lyrical prowess? The “Scenario” Remix.

In 1992 A Tribe Called Quest and the Leaders Of The New School came together to create one of the most epic posse cuts ever committed to wax. Oh and then they dropped a classic video to go with it. Cameos from Spike Lee, De La Soul, Redman, Fab 5 Freddy, and DJ Kid Capri.

Take a video shot with special effects and in a style that made everyone wanna be a video director and add a classic 16 bars from Q-Tip with what many hip-hop heads consider to be the breakout verse that would propel Busta Rhymes’ future solo career and it all ads up to another one of those true #CultureClassics.

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