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Multi-talented, with a love for singing, songwriting, acting, and even comedy, Lindsay Fields aka Jade Novah is today’s #MusicMonday featured artist.

Growing up, Jade was influenced by her father’s love of rock music and her mother’s affection for musical theater. She started by singing in church before moving on to female vocal groups. Fate then intervened as she had a random meeting with Missy Elliot. That meetup lead her to singing backup on Missy’s 2003 album This Is Not a Test! She then had a stint as a backing singer on tour for Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family stage show. Afterwards she decided to focus on songwriting. She eventually landed a publishing deal, and wrote for artists Mya, Melanie Fiona, Christina Milian and numerous others as part of the writing group the PenUp Dolls.

In 2012 Novah finally decided to step out from the shadows. She made her recording debut as Jade Novah by dropping the Shades of Jade mixtape. Novah is also known for her musical sketch comedy videos and her fully produced cover videos. Highlights include her “Keyonce” videos where she covers Beyonce. And her versions of Rihanna’s “Stay” and “Diamonds” have over ten million views on YouTube.

Jade continued to work as a songwriter, touring vocalist (Rihanna, Lady Gaga, etc.), and cover singer all the while working on her own music. Finally in 2018 she released her official debut album, All Blue.

Novah has continued to grow her brand and now has a social media following of well over 1 million. 2020 marks the release of her new album “Stages”. The album chronicles her personal growth and her artistic evolution. The singer, actress, host, and social influencer catalogs that evolution on a series of songs steeped in soulful R&B. Jade Novah incredible versatility and creative spirit makes her a true artist to watch.

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