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Hailing from the ATL, this week’s #MusicMonday featured artist is the singer Summer Walker.

A relative newcomer to the music scene, Summer debuted in early 2018 and quickly made a name for herself. Known for her atmospheric contemporary R&B her very first song was a self-produced acoustic record “Session 32”. The viby joint garnered a heavy amount of buzz immediately grabbing the attention of major music industry players. Summer quickly signed to LVRN, the Atlanta-based, Interscope-affiliated label that has propelled the careers of DRAM, and 6LACK. A major co-sign for Summer right off the bat.

Last Day of Summer is the name of her debut album which dropped in October 2018 to rave reviews and included the hit single “Girls Need Love”. She then followed that up with an EP entitled Clear in January of 2019 demonstrating her work ethic and her ability to create a high amount of high quality music in a short period of time. From the swooning “CPR” to alluring ballads, Summer’s two projects cover a wide breath of the rhythm and blues music spectrum. No wonder she’s been a featured artist on Spotify and was recently an Apple Music “Up Next” artist.

Illuminating, alluring, raw, and bringing the soulful energy that true R&B devotees live for. The singer/writer/musician explores new melodies in her music providing her instrumentalist input (she plays the guitar and the piano) in production, showcasing her influence from legendary creators for The Culture such as Erykah Badu and Jimi Hendrix. Summer shares her moody vibes along with her captivating vocal execution making her a complete artist you should keep your eyes and ears on. Oh and she’s only 22 so her musical journey has only just begun.

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