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THE ESSENTIALS: The Best Of Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is currently one of the kings of comedy in Hollywood. From movies to stand-up he’s everywhere and his numbers don’t lie. He’s also one of the shrewdest and best self promoters in the game turning himself into a major brand with reach and influence to spare. And for his contributions to The Culture,…

top blerd podcast

Best Blerd Podcast To Listen To

#RunTheCulture Black geek culture is just as much a part of The Culture as anything else. And it is finally starting to get the props it so richly deserves. Blerd podcasters in particular are at the forefront of this movement. So if you count yourself as a black nerd or geek, these are some of…

black oscar winning directors

Every Black Oscar Winning and Nominated Director

#RunTheCulture Black directors are very much underrated and underutilized in Hollywood. But of course we know they’re creating plenty of amazing work that represents for The Culture. We’ve gone ahead and put together a list of every black Oscar winning and nominated director. Not just for best director but for flexing their directorial skills in…

5 top black female songwriters

5 Black Female Songwriters Running Radio

#RunTheCulture As the old saying goes, “the pen is mightier than the sword”. But in the music biz, writers are often lost in the shuffle, stuck behind the producers and of course the performers. It’s doubly difficult for women and triple for black women to get the props they deserve. But here at CFTC we’re…

top black indie comic book creators

9 Black Indie Comic Book Creators

#RunTheCulture Black superheroes have officially gone mainstream. You have the massive success of Black Panther, Sam Wilson aka Falcon becoming the new Captain America in the MCU, and the successful run of Black Lightning on TV. But of course it all starts with comic books. And with the ability to self publish there’s no need…

best of john singleton

THE ESSENTIALS: John Singleton

#RunTheCulture John Singelton was a trailblazing black director. His filmography means so much to The Culture and will no doubt stand the test of time. His ability to capture the essence of the young black experience in America (specifically in the 1990’s) was a special gift much needed in Hollywood at the time. So in…

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The world is big but it’s getting smaller by the day. The ease and relative affordability of travel has opened up the world for people of color like never before and we are starting to take advantage of it. If you’re a globetrotter or just starting to think about traveling, check out these 10 travel blogs from some amazing creators for The Culture.