6 Black Media Podcasts


Black media podcasts are giving black creators the shine they so rightfully deserve. And. now it’s time to put them in the spotlight. Check out our list of 6 dope black media podcast to listen to.

Black Men Can’t Jump in Hollywood

black men can't jump in Hollywood top black media podcasts

A podcast dedicated to shinning the spotlighlight on black-led films. Black Men Can’t Hump in Hollywood is hosted by comedians Jonathan Braylock, Jerah Milligan and James III. Well connected, the pod has had guest including Keegan Michael Key, Phoebe Robinson and Langston Kerman. But what might be the best aspect of the pod is their very unique rating system.Every film they discuss gets one of three ratings. A Black Fist – The film furthers the cause of helping black talent lead projects and get further work. A White Palm – The film held the race back and harmed an actor’s career. Nothing – If the film is just bad and/or contributed nothing to society.

The BlerdGurl

blerdgurl top black media podcasts

A great podcast hosted by self-proclaimed “Brooklyn blerd”, journalist and content creator Karma Horne. The BlerdGurl Podcast also reps for all the females in The Culture who are into anime, movies, comics, and more. She keeps it funny and woke. She’s interviewed everyone from #Oscarssowhite hashtag creator April Reign to one of the few black voice actors in anime, Gabe Kuda from My Hero Academia. If you actually want to hear the voices of black blerds in The Culture you’ll be hard pressed to find a podcast that features such a wide array of creatives.

Nerds of Prey

nerds of prey top black media podcasts

Give four intelligent and quick witted black women microphones and let them talk their talk. Hosts Shannon, Cameron, Lauren and Mel come together to form The Nerds of Prey. The podcast covers everything from media news of the week to what each co-host is reading, watching and working on, along with movies and general nerdom. And if you can’t get enough of hearing the ladies, you can check out their eloquently written thoughts at the Nerds of Prey’s website.

Cinemabun Podcast

cinemabun top black media podcasts

Hosted by Tonja Renée Stidhum and Berook, the Cinemabun Podcast consist of movie news, reviews and friendly conversation between two good homegirls. It’s a sweet (see what I did there?) change of pace from the more “hot take” style of podcasts out there. And their movie reviews are broken down into two parts. The spoiler free beginning and then a spoiler-filled conclusion (with a heads up of course). If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your podcast listening, check these ladies out.


series-ly top black media podcasts

This one is for the black indie lovers. The podcast is on the black-owned and operated Indie Creative Network. Hosts Brittany and Mary focuses on black web series, giving love to projects big and small. The ladies passionately discussed the black indie entertainment scene with knowledge and an awesome attention to detail. Series-ly will both put you on to new shows you have have never even heard of and keep you up-to-date with your faves. This podcast fits an important niche that is easy to overlook in today’s media landscape. 


MTR Network top black media podcasts

The Movie Trailer Reviews Network is one of the OGs in black media podcasting. They are an all-in-one media operation that covers reviews, previews, conference coverage and much more. Founder Kriss and his team do it all. They have a movie-specific podcast, Insanity Check, where Kriss and his regular cast of guests talk everything in the movie game. From politics and nerd issues to casting decisions and airing out clickbait film sites. As one of the OGs of the podcast game, this team brings a seasoned and fiery perspective to everything they do and is well worth a listen.

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