6 Black Owned Watch Companies


Black owned watch companies are slowly but surely growing. Like many other sectors of the fashion industry, it’s a struggle business wise but the beauty, creativity, and craftsmanship is of course on point. Check out our list of black watchmakers from around the globe!

Aso Rock Watches

aso rock watch black owned watch company

The only entry from Africa on the list. Aso Rock is a Nigerian watchmaking company that was founded by Ben Iroala, a Nigerian American and Andrew Mutale, a Zambian American. They were spurred into action to create affordable watches that were within the range of many people in Africa. Aso Rock prides itself as a creative entity that connects directly with its customers without the need of a middle man.

Benjamin Banneker Watches

Banneker, Inc. is a watch and clock company founded in 2003 by Derrick Holmes. The watch and clock offerings of the company are differentiated in the marketplace by virtue of a unique design feature that connects us to our legendary namesake.

Enbois by Maxim

enbois by maxim black watchmaker

Maxim Thuriere founded this wooden watch and bracelet company in his college dorm at the University of South Florida — but he wanted his small business to serve a greater purpose than simply selling accessories for profit.

SPGBK Watches

SPGBK Watches black owned

SPBGK is a short form of the word Spring Break. Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, SPBGK was founded by two African American frat brothers. The college-themed company makes very colorful watches that have been a hit with the younger generation. Their colorful collection of yellow, purple, luminous green and orange wrist watches ranges from around $69 to $100.

Verdure Watches

verdure watches black owned

Verdure Watches was founded in 2012 by owner and designer Eddie Johnson. His love of watches stems from generations of discriminating gentlemen who always expressed how important a watch is to a man’s attire.

Vitae London

vitae london black owned watch company

London based, Vitae was founded by Ghanian UK resident William Adoasi. They are known for making beautiful watches that are simple yet elegant. They produce stunning watches like those of old but at prices that don’t break the bank and make their watches for both men and women.


We hope you enjoyed our list of 6 of the best black owned watch companies. Check out more if our fashion/style content!

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