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wear brims black owned hat company

Breaking out as a designer in today’s fashion landscape is no easy task and requires your brand to bring something truly unique to the table. Designers and creators for The Culture Archie Clay III and Tajh Crutch have broken through the clutter and made a name for themselves with their high-end line of Fedora hats, WearBrims.

Archie and Tajh have been strategically positioning BRIMS as an urban yet luxury, statement piece. The company takes pride in their creations, BRIMS are made from premium rabbit fur and wool and take seriously their mission to help men and women express themselves through fashion and style.

“Each individual is the curator of their own distinct fashion. Our Brims are a tool to help execute that fashion and expand beyond any one specific type of style. We understand the importance of having a personal style and create brims that instill an unapologetic confidence in the wearer to express their trust. best selves.”

Archie and Tajh (fellow Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity brothers), both separately thought of starting lines of fedora hats then came together to partner up. The pair wasted no time putting action behind their ambitions and they were able to create the first sample within three weeks and BRIMS officially launched in 2016. The brand quickly garnered national press recognition and celebrity co-signs with the likes of singer/songwriter Chris Classic and actor Lance Gross rocking their hats, and the designer duo hasn’t looked back since.

BRIMS is also about family. The Red Robin feather in their logo is a representation of the love, support, and encouragement Archie and Tajh received from their families as they ventured into the fashion game. They now deliver handcrafted, American-made hats that represent a timeless style every fashionisto should check out.

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