Black Panther’s Winston Duke To Play Kimbo Slice In Biopic


Winston Duke stole virtually every scene he was in playing M’Baku the rough and tumble Jabari Tribe leader with a mean sense of humor and a heart of gold in Black Panther. A role he played so well it’s hard to believe it was his first ever film role. And now it has just been announced that Duke will star in a Kimbo Slice biopic entitled Backyard Legend.


Slice was a famed backyard brawler who’s underground knockouts were filmed on grainy camera phones in the early 2000’s and wen’t viral before viral was a thing which took him from being homeless to MMA fame before tragically dying of a heart attack at age 42 in 2016. Kimbo Slice had an amazing journey and Winston Duke has proven he has outstanding acting chops so this sounds like a potentially interesting film in making. And we’ll keep you posted right here on Creators For the Culture.


Written by @TalentedMrFord

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