Black Female Artists Take Over September Magazine Covers


black female artists takeover September magazine covers


Black women have always been at the forefront of cool. Whatever they create from fashion to music and beyond for our culture is quickly adapted and becomes The Culture. Most of the time however it’s been without the proper credit given but not this month. September is considered the most important issue of the year in the magazine publishing industry and this year they are dominated by strong, intelligent, and progressive black women all repping for The Culture.


Here’s the rundown: Beyonce on American Vogue, Rihanna on British Vogue, Zendaya on Marie Claire, Issa Rae on Ebony, Tiffany Haddish on Glamour, Lupita Nyong’o on Porter Magazine, Tracee Ellis Ross on Elle Canada, Slick Woods on Elle UK, Yada Shahidi on The Hollywood Reporter and Aja Naomi King on Shape.

Beyonce Vogue cover black female artists takeover September magazine covers


That is a killer line-up of some of the most beautiful, talented, successful and boss-level black women artists in all of entertainment. And for their cover stories, many of the artists opened up about their personal lives. Beyonce talked about her harrowing C-section and choosing self-love over a need to lose the baby weight immeiditaly. Zendaya and Shahidi talked about the activism of their generation and the future of the movement through the arts. Nyong’o discussed her continued struggle to work consistently in Hollywood despite being an Oscar winner and one of the most beautiful women on the planet all because of her natural hair texture.

Rihanna Vogue cover black female artists takeover September magazine covers


All the covers are beautifully shot with all the women styled to perfection and looking amazing as you would expect from each and every one of them. In particular the high-fashion Vogue covers featuring Beyonce and Rihanna both giving off avant-garde yet regal vibes are worth checking out for the artistry alone.


This is a moment that has rightfully been celebrated by The Culture on social media. From Tracee Elis Ross and Aja Namoi King commenting on the significance of this moment to black hairstylist and photographers in the industry to everyday fans of #blackgirlmagic. This certainly bolds well for the future of better representation of black women in all forms of media and proves the adage that is part of this particular blog’s ethos: That we #RunTheCulture.

lupita Nyongo porter cover black female artists takeover September magazine covers

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