Halle Berry To Make Directorial Debut


The ranks of black female directors in Hollywood will be gaining a new member in 2019 as Oscar winner Halle Berry is officially set to make her directorial debut with the film Bruised, an action drama set in the MMA world in which she’s also starring.


The film follows Jackie “Justice,” (Berry) a disgraced MMA fighter who has failed at the one thing she’s ever been good at – fighting. When the 6-year-old son she walked out on years ago re-enters her life out of the blue, Jackie has to fight, her own demons, fight her toughest MMA opponent yet, and finally fight to become a better person and a good mother.


halley berry making directorial debut


Filming is to start next year in the Spring and there is no official release date as of yet. Berry made history as the first (and still the only) black woman to win the Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Monster’s Ball in 2001 but being a black actress in Hollywood, has still had a bit of an up and down career (she’s been quoted recently herself that her win did “nothing” for diversity in Hollywood) so it’s encouraging to see her dive into directing which in-turn will lead to more to more stories about black women being told and more black women being on-screen.


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