THE ESSENTIALS: The Best Of Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is currently one of the kings of comedy in Hollywood. From movies to stand-up he’s everywhere and his numbers don’t lie. He’s also one of the shrewdest and best self promoters in the game turning himself into a major brand with reach and influence to spare. And for his contributions to The Culture, we present to you the 5 essential performances, projects, and moves of Kevin Hart’s career (so far).

5. Hustle Hart Nike Sneakers

A non-athlete with a shoe deal? A non-athelete with a Nike shoe deal? Yes Kevin Hart is one of the few people on the planet that can say they’ve done that. His collab with Nike for his “Hustle Hart” cross-trainer kicks started in 2016 and have resulted in two versions so far in numerous colorways and have been received warmly within the usual tough sneakerhead community.

4. Laugh At My Pain

Dropping in 2011 it was Hart’s third stand-up special and the work that really put him on the map. Still considered by most of his fans to be his funniest routine with so many classic quotes that have spawned countless gifs and memes that still dominate social media to this day. From “Alright. Alright. Alright.” to “She wasn’t ready!” to “You gone learn today.” to “Pineapples!” Laugh At My Pain was a career changing moment for Hart.

3. Ride Along

Hart’s first true leading role in a major motion picture. The buddy comedy with Ice Cube released in early 2014 and was a hit with fans making almost $135 mill at the box office. It proved to Hollywood that Hart can bring in audiences and it catapulted his career leading to him starring in multiple films per year ever since.

2. What Now?

What Now? was a movement for Hart. A stand-up tour selling out arenas and stadiums, the most successful comedy album release by any comedian in years, and the 5th highest grossing stand-up comedy film release of all-time. Before it’s release there were murmurs that Hart was getting over-hyped and might be slipping on his joke-telling game. But after the What Now? released, he cemented his current spot at the top of the stand-up game.

1. Jumaji: Welcome To The Jungle

The film Jumaji was a hit…make that a phenomenon, grossing near a billion dollars ($961 mill to be exact) worldwide. It’s literally one of the biggest surprise films of all-time and the most successful project of Hart’s career so far. And with it’s sequel being another mega hit, the franchise has taken Hart to yet another level making him now one of the most successful, sought-after, bank-able, and popular entertainers of any kind of planet.

Written by @TalentedMrFord

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