Cree Summer: The Animated Voice Of The Culture

Cree Summer is an extremely talented actress and activist known mostly to The Culture for her role as Freddie Brooks, the woke before woke was cool bohemian WCW of many an 80’s baby on the hit HBCU centric sit-com A Different World, the woke before woke was cool bohemian WCW of many an 80’s baby. But what she’s done post A Different World hasn’t received as much notoriety in The Culture but in a lot of ways has been even more impressive. Cree is the preiminate voice actor of color. Don’t believe it? Check the numbers, she has voiced 349 characters for television, film, video games, and commercials.

cree summer top black voice actor

Cree actually started her career in voice acting years before A Different World as the voice of Penny the sidekick and brains in the classic kid’s cartoon Inspector Gadget. She is also the voice of Susie Carmicheal in the iconic Rugrats series. Other classic cartoon’s she doing voice work for include Pinky and The Brain, Drawn Together, Gargoyles, Animaniacs, Captain Planet, and way too many more to list here.

And she’s a mainstay in the world of superheroes as well. She’s voiced characters from Marvel and DC including Storm, Nebula from Guardians of The Galaxy, She-Hulk, Aquagirl, Vixen and Cheetah. She’s even the voice of the green M&M. Currently she’s working on the Duck-Tales cartoon for Disney and the Netflix Voltron reboot.

Overall Cree has had one amazing career. She starred in a culture classic and has worked consistently for over 35 years, something not many can say in Hollywood. Cree Summer is without a doubt a voice for The Culture.

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