Recently Rebel Wilson falsely claimed to be the first plus-size actress to star as the lead in a romantic comedy. Today we set the record straight and remind her and the world that our creators for The Culture have been there done that with the #CultureClassic Just Wright.


Just Wright is a romantic comedy starring two of The Culture’s finest rappers turned actors Queen Latifah and Common and is the story of a physical therapist who falls in love with a professional basketball player that hit theaters in 2010.


To make a long story short, Common is a player who gets injured and Latifah is the therapist that pushes him hard to get back on the court. And not surprisingly, that tough love turns into real love. While it wasn’t a ground breaking film in terms of story, it was a funny film with heart and Common and The Queen did their thing on screen. But what it did do that broke the mold was having Queen Latifah play the main love interest breaking free from the sidekick best girlfriend role and ending up with the guy. And being both a black and plus-sized woman was a big move for Hollywood and The Culture. So sorry not sorry Rebel, The Queen’s got this.


#FunFact: Since Common played an NBA player the film had guest appearances from NBA ballers Chris Paul and Dwayne Wade as well as John Legend making a cameo.




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