Us Breaks Records For The Culture


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Us is another hit film for The Culture. The second flick both written and directed by Jordan Peele opened as the #1 movie in America and in two weeks broke the $100 million dollar box office mark.

The trippy horror film stars Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke as husband and wife trying to protect their family and stave off a home invasion from attackers who eerily resemble themselves broke several box office records off particular note for The Culture.

$71 Million Dollar Opening Weekend: That number is the biggest opening for any original horror film ever made and the third largest overall (the two ahead of it were the 2017 Adaptation of It and the 2018 Halloween sequel).

Largest Opening For A Film With A Black Female Lead: Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o is the star of the film. She plays both the villain and the hero(?). The previous record holder surprisingly enough was 2004’s Alien v. Predator starring Sanaa Lathan, which earned $38 million it’s opening weekend. Oprah Winfrey rounds out the top 3 with A Wrinkle in Time which earned around $30 million.

Following the mgea-succesful film Get Out with Us, Peele has created another thought provoking, culturally relevant hit film starring a person of color (in this case an entire black family) and proving once again that black stories and stars do sell, and sell exceptionally well when given great material and a fair chance.

#FunFact: The film also set the non-official record of bringing the hip-hop classic “I Got Five On It” by The Luniz back into The Culture and also making a dope horror-inspired movie score remix.

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