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Oneika The Traveler

Today of The Feat. we’re featuring one of the top black travel bloggers in the game, Oneika The Traveler.

Traveling is one of those potentially life changing experiences and with black travel on the rise in particular, one needs a guide right? Enter Oneika The Traveler and her amazing blog. It’s a travel and lifestyle blog penned by a Jamaican-Canadian who has been to nearly 100 countries. From the Mediterranean to Williamsburg, VA, Oneika has probably been there and can give you all the info and tips you need to get the most out of your trip.

From ideas for adventurous family vacations, to the (not-so-simple) task of traveling with children to girl’s weekends and how travel can improve your love/relationship life, Oneika’s blog is extremely thorough (she is a journalist after-all and has written for publications like Essense). And she does it for The Culture too exploring African-American history in places like Savannah, Georgia.

Oneika really covers it all and if you are at all curious about traveling, whether it be to somewhere in the states or abroad, this blog will have a useful piece of information for you. So check out Oneika and her blog:

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