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Black travel is expanding at an exceptional rate. The world is getting smaller and more black people have the means and the interest to see what the world has to offer. All while help to spread The Culture. One such person and blog is doing so with a unique twist. Her name is Erica Dozier and her site is the Korean Convenience black travel blog.

The Koreas are not one’s first thought when thinking about a black travel blog. But that is exactly what makes Erica’s site so intriguing. The California native was introduced to Korean dramas and music and was instantly smitten. So much so that she began studying the Korean language, saved up some money and followed her love for the local cuisine and desire to become immersed in the culture all the way to Seoul, South Korea.

Upon her return to the States, Erica started the blog Korean Convenience. Her goal; to document her unique experience, spread the word to people of color about South Kore and it’s culture, and to give readers tips on how start a small business abroad on a shoestring budget. Her experiences as a black woman living and working in an Asian country are particularly valuable and poignant.

Other topics include the business scene there, job hunting resources, and interviews with Korean startups and entrepreneurs. It even shares where to find great Korean cuisine back in California. Basically if you are at all interested in visiting South Korea or just need to know where to find great Korean food in California, this is the black travel blog for you.

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