6 More Black Gamers on YouTube You Need to Watch


The world of gaming on YouTube is vast and diverse, with creators from all backgrounds sharing their love for video games. Today, we want to spotlight 6 Black Gamers on YouTube you need to watch who bring their own unique vibes to the gaming community. These creators offer diverse perspectives, engaging content, and a strong sense of community that sets them apart. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just someone looking for entertaining and informative content, you’ll want to check out these creators.


Jay-Ann is the founder of BlackGirlGamers, a thriving community that supports and amplifies the voices of Black women in gaming. This YouTube channel showcases game reviews, community discussions, and interviews with prominent figures in the industry and of course black girl gamers.


Berleezy is one of the biggest gamers on YouTube period. With well over 2 million subscribers he’s a major player. His sense of humor shines in his long gameplay videos keeping viewers engaged with random references to movies like Friday and anime shows like Dragon Ball Z. He is also quite prolific, dropping videos almost daily so you can visit his channel every day for games and laughs.


JazzyGuns is a high-energy and super funny gamer. She makes gameplay videos covering some of the biggest and best games out. From fighters to action, and even manga inspired puzzle games, she covers it all. Jazzy has a lot of fun while playing and it translates to her videos making her one of the most entertaining and engaging gamers/streamers on YouTube.


One of the funniest gamers on the platform, Kaylalash is an up-and-coming gaming YouTuber you should definitely check out. She plays a wide range of games both new and old. Her production value is top-notch with great sound and editing she uses to create her top-notch comedic gaming content.

RDC World Gaming

The heavyweight comedic troop also has a side hustle with their gaming channel. Their trademark high energy and comedic antics extend to their gaming sessions. If you’re a gamer and a fan of the RDC crew, you’ll certainly enjoy their gaming endeavors on YouTube,


Not your traditional gaming YouTuber, MidnightMan focuses more on how to be a gaming YouTuber/Streamer. He covers everything from sound to capture cards. His videos are very informative and very professional. It’s clear he knows what he’s talking about. If you want to learn how to be like the people on this list, Midnight Man is the one you should watch.


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