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The Black Spin Global podcast is a sports pod putting it’s own unique spin on the genre. This is a podcast dedicated to discussing and showcasing black players on the WTA and ATP tours. Hosts Eugene Allen and Lucy Tezangi talk all things black tennis.

In recent years, the world of tennis has witnessed a remarkable and inspiring surge in the prominence of Black players, both male and female, who have not only redefined the game but also shattered longstanding barriers. From legends like the Williams sisters to the latest and greatest players like Coco Gauff and Frances Tiafoe, BSG keeps the listener’s tennis game on point. They even cover coaches and media contributors. Launching in 2019 on Twitter(X) and Instagram, BSG evolved and grew into a full-fledged podcast and can also be found on YouTube. And now it has become a leading voice in the tennis podcast space serving up top notch information, interviews, and analysis. Eugene and Lucy are fun and informative while using their platform to break through tennis’ elitist glass ceiling and bring the game to The Culture.

The Black presence in professional tennis has become increasingly formidable. And with the aforementioned rising stars alongside more like Naomi Osaka and Sloane Stephens taking the torch from Venus and Serena, the game has become even more diverse and enriched. And this is why BGS is a pod at the right place at the right time. Far from your traditional sports podcast on multiple levels, The Black Spin Global podcast is great for both long-time tennis fanatics and those who are new to the sport. So make it a point (ok, last tennis pun) to check out this pod.

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