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Today on The Feat. we are featuring a fascinating YouTuber and his interesting and controversial channel, ChristianAdamG.

The power of social media cannot be denied but what are the effects of the constant bombardment of images and content and what, if anything, does it all mean? These are some of the questions posed by YouTuber ChritianAdamG on his wildly successful YouTube channel.

Christian is a 21 year-old Bahmian native who moved to the United States to pursue the American Dream. His channel consists of vlogs and prank videos, your standard entertainment and comedy vids but then veers into satirical social commentary and social experiments delving into the very essence of our new social media obsessed culture. One of his videos is him using his photoshop skills to “fake being rich on Instagram” which yields some very interesting results.

He is most famous (or infamous) however for setting up fake photos of Travis Scott cheating on Kylie Jenner which basically broke the internet. And he did it just to show how little time is taken into verifying information today before it goes viral. It’s a fascinating case study on the current social media zeitgeist. Overall his channel is good for a laugh and a thought and is well worth checking out.

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