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Today on The Feat. we’re featuring one the biggest black podcast out, 2 Dope Queens.

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There are 2 Dope Queens currently reigning supreme atop the black podcast game. They’re so poppin’ that now they record their podcast in-front of large boisterous audiences at the King Theater in Brooklyn, have done HBO specials, and are being interviewed themselves almost as much as they interview celebs and comedians.

To be specific, the 2 Dope Queens are Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams and they have been doing their comedy podcast since 2016 when their first podcast, they were doing just for fun, immediately skyrocketed to the top of the podcast charts on iTunes making them star podcasters overnight. On their podcast they chat with a myriad of comedians, artists and other special quest (ranging from Gabrielle Union to Tom Hanks) and share stories about sex, romance, race, hair, living in New York and whatever else comes to their minds. It’s diverse, it’s interesting, it’s educational and it’s very funny. Williams and Robinson have amazing chemistry and that loose, chill conversational rapport helps them connect with listeners and is the driving force behind what makes their podcast so popular. It’s really two homegirls chilling out just talking ish and repping The Culture.

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