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netflix strong black lead podcast

Today on The Feat. we’re featuring the Netflix podcast Strong Black Lead.

in 2019 Netflix launched their “Strong Black Lead” initiative showing the company’s commitment to diverse storytelling, something much needed in the TV and film industry. The podcast is part of that initiative and is the place you can learn about the stars and creators for The Culture behind some of your favorite content not just on Netflix but in all of the industry.

The weekly podcast is hosted by Tracy Clayton of the Another Round podcast and is currently in its second season as it debuted in February of 2019. Dubbed by Netflix “Strong Black Legends,” each episode features a different black Hollywood icon.

The first episode featured Lynn Whitfield and other guests have included Loretta Devine, John WitherspoonRuth E. Carter and Rober Townsend. Just to hear the profound, funny, disheartening, educational, and uplifting tales of navigating Hollywood from these legendary black creators for The Culture is enough to highly recommend you check this podcast out.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the Netflix Strong Black Lead Podcast. Check out more of Podcast on The Feat.

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