CULTURE CLASSICS – Sade “Paradise”


Legendary soul singer Sade deserves all the flowers. And we have to honor her in this week’s #CultreClassics and shine a light on her classic song “Paradise”.

sade paradise

Helen Folasade Adu aka Sade is the British Nigerian singer, songwriter and creator for The Culture famous for her distinctive voice and smooth and sultry delivery. Her debut album Diamond Life (1983) became one of the best selling albums of the early 80’s and the best-selling debut ever by a British female vocalist. It also gained widespread critical acclaim and is largely considered one of the best R&B albums of all-time.

The song “Paradise” is from her third album Stronger Than Pride which dropped in 1988. It’s a more upbeat song about happiness and being in love with a latin/Caribbean vibe to it. The single officially released in May of ’88, and is Sade’s most successful single. “Paradise” is Sade’s only #1 hit on the Billboard charts for her entire illustrious career. “Paradise” is considered one of the band’s signature songs, alongside “Smooth Operator” (1984), “The Sweetest Taboo” (1985), and “No Ordinary Love (1992).” But none of those other songs reached the pinnacle of the charts so “Paradise” is a special song indeed.

#FunFact: Sade was a fashion designer and part-time model before becoming a singer and Sade is also the name of her band because she’s a boss like that.

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