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The black agenda is The agenda right now. And with elections right around the corner, on The Feat. we’re featuring one of the best black political podcast Pod Save The People.

pod save the people black political podcast

A timely podcast about culture, social justice, and politics hosted by former teacher, organizer, activist, author, and Black Lives Matter affiliate DeRay Mckesson. DeRay goes further than most political podcast pundits by exploring all aspects of the issues we face in the black community including the history, language, and people who are shaping the struggle for progress . And he doesn’t stop at the labeling of the issues, he takes it to that most important next level and goes into the steps that we as a people can take to help facilitate change. Guest have ranged from Senator Cory Booker to singer and activist John Legend along with countless fellow members of the Black Lives Matter movement.

DeRay and his team are over 100 episodes in and each episode brings a new analysis, followed by in-depth conversations with experts, influencers, and diverse local and national leaders in the movement.  This one is deep and right on time for the crucial 2020 election season.

To get more info on the show and check out some episodes, you can check out the official website HERE.

Check out this powerful talk by DeRay McKesson.

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