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Scary Movie is a Spooky SZN game changing film. Put together by a legendary family of creators for The Culture, the film is one of the most successful of it’s kind of all-time.

Scary Movie is a parody film that dropped in 2000. The film savagely and hilariously spoofed several late 1990’s teen horror films (Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer mainly). Basically a group of teens are stalked by a murderer as violence and comedy ensue. Not often viewed as a “black movie”, all of the creative minds behind it (the creators, writers, and director) were all African-American. And not only that, they are all related! Scary Movie is a Wayans family joint through and through. The film was created, written by, and stars Shawn and Marlon Wayans and was directed by their oldest brother Keenen.

Both laugh-out-loud funny and bold, the movie didn’t pull any punches which lead to many classic and quotable lines and scenes. Racism, sexism, stereotypes, etc. The Wayanas were even able to break the fourth wall and sneak in their own personal grievance about the premature cancellation of their sitcom The Wayans Brothers. Shawn and Marlon are both at the top of their comedic games here and a young Regina Hall stole every scene she was in.

The film was also a massive success. It grossed $278 million worldwide off a $19 million budget. It spawned a number of copycats and created a franchise of it’s own with 4 subsequent sequels. And it almost single handedly revived the parody movie genre that is still going strong to this day. That’s a cultural impact that makes Scary Movie a legit #CultureClassic.


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