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al b sure nite and day


Al B. Sure’s “Nite and Day” is a New Jack Swing staple and a certified #CultureClassic.

Nite and Day” is the debut single by Al B. Sure! from his debut album In Effect Mode. And what an introduction to world it was. Dropping in 1988, it went platinum and reached number seven on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Billboard Hot Black Singles chart (I know, I know, but now it’s called the Hot R&B Singles Chart).

Brown’s unique falsetto vocals made him one of the New Jack Swing era’s most popular romantic singers, songwriters and record producers. The song was written and produced by Al B. Sure! himself alongside Kyle West. The premise of the song is a romantic longing for a special lady and it’s smooth yet energetic beat made it a fresh hybrid ballad. “Nite and Day” eventually earned Al B. Sure! a nomination for a Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance at the 31st Grammy Awards in 1989.

The song’s classic status comes in part from it’s long lasting impact within The Culture. Parts of the song have been sampled over 30 times including by Meg Thee Stallion, DJ DMD (“25 Lighters”) and perhaps most famously by LL Cool J (“Loungin'”).

The music video for the song also released in 1988 and it features Al B. Sure! performing the song (very enthusiastically) in various locations throughout New York City, including on a roof top, in Central Park, and on the street. It also features some terrific late 8o’s urban fashion.


The B-side of the record is the French version of the song, “Nuit et Jour”.

In 2017, Al B Sure!’s son, Quincy, reworked the song as “I Can Tell You (Nite and Day 2.0)” featuring Al B. Sure! and using samples of the original record.


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