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The Rio P. YouTube experience is one for those with is a passion for fashion. Check out our feature on the stylish YouTuber here on THE FEAT.

From suits to streetwear, seasonal look books to how to style Jordans, Rio P. can assist you with your drip. Self described as “just a dude with a passion for fashion and style”, and that “style is a way of life and fashion is a form of art. Let your body be the canvas and create a masterpiece!” These monikers are taken seriously by Rio. He knows what he’s talking about and presents his information with style (no pun intended).

Rio covers all aspects of fashion, suits, urban wear, designer brands, outerwear anything and everything. He not only tells you what to wear but how to wear it, giving you sizing and layering, tips and on-body and on-feet looks. His thoroughness, knowledge, and attention to detail is second to none. Rio truly covers everything the modern man should have in his closet making him one of the few YouTubers doing so.


  • Lookbooks & How to Style
  • Air Jordan Collection
  • Clothing Pickups & Hauls
  • Sneaker Pickups
  • Lace Tutorials

Besides a plethora of content, his video quality and editing are both top notch as well. You want the videos you watch about how to look good to look good themselves right? All of his videos are professionally shot and edited with great lighting so you can see every stitch. To this point, Rio has over 12 million total views and 141k subscribers. So if you’re a man looking to step up your style game or a lady looking to help your man out, Rio P’s channel is well worth checking out.


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