Rihanna’s Best Music Videos

Rihanna's Best Music Videos


Rihanna’s best music videos are bold and creative just like her. Being an artist in the truest sense of the word, she uses her videos to tell stories and express herself just like she does with her music. Check out our list of the 6 Best Rihanna Music Videos.

6. Pon De Replay

We have to start at the beginning in 2005. A 16 year old, baby-faced RiRi debuted on the scene with “Pon De Replay” showcasing her Barbadian dance moves and fun island girl vibes. The video is set in a club, showing Rihanna taking center stage and having a good time. It was clear that Rihanna was destined to be a huge time star.

5. Rude Boy

Rihanna kicked it up a notch in the Rude Boy video being one of the first to introduce the mainstream scene to twerking in 2010. Showing love to her Caribbean roots, Rude Boy was the video introduction of the sexier side of the singer. The uber stylish vid features vibrant animations and Andy Warhol inspired art and the debut of those raunchy dance moves.

4. Umbrella

By 2007 Rihanna was already a star. But “Umbrella” made her a superstar. She switched her look up debuting her now iconic pixie cut. She spends most of the video dancing with an umbrella making it look both sexy and cool. The song was a massive hit, the biggest of her career to that point. And so was the video, winning the MTV VMA for music video of the year.

3. We Found Love

In 2011 RiRi dropped her most beautiful yet haunting video to date. “We Found Love” captures the intensity of a toxic relationship as it displays Rihanna and her lover’s passionate relationship torn apart when that passion fades, paralleling her relationship with Chris Brown. In the video Rihanna spirals out of control engaging in reckless activities. It was RiRi truly bearing her sole through her art. It shocked many but it also earned a Grammy Award for Best Short-Form Music Video in 2012.

2. Man Down

Rihanna once again tackled themes of domestic abuse in 2011 with her music video for “Man Down”. The haunting clip has Rihanna being assualted then getting her revenge by shooting the man in broad daylight. Shot in Jamaica, the video captures the beautiful and the gritty sides of the culture. And more importantly highlights important issues sexual abuse and domestic violence that women face everywhere. Like “We Found Love”, this video caused a stir, and again like “We Found Love”, its a classic.

1. Work

2016’s “Work” is the most popular song of Rihanna’s illustrious career. The music video matches the song’s vibes expertly as Rihanna bumps and grinds (mostly on Drake). Rihanna is at peak sexiness here, which is saying something for her, in a series of scenes leaving little to the imagination. The video screams Summer vibes as everyone at the Jamaican club grooves to the dancehall track making you wish you were there doing the same.

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