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Iron Lords Podcast


The Iron Lords Podcast is a gaming focused podcast that delivers info and laughs while throwing in a bit of representation for The Culture for good measure.

The podcast crew consist of four friends who are lifelong gamers that decided to start a show dedicated to this hobby they all love. Lord Cognito, Lord Addict, Lord Sovereign and Lord King come together to wax poetic about games, the industry, a little sports, and whatever else comes to mind. It’s quite evident that they the four Lords are truly compatriots in real life as their chemistry makes for very entertaining listening. But they are also very knowledgeable and drop plenty of gems about how the gaming industry works and thoughtfully discussing breaking gaming news (while still cracking jokes). They bring in special guest and do interviews on the regular as well. The chat with everyone from fellow gaming content creators to major game developers and executives. The Lords really do have all of your gaming info needs covered. Also their intro track is a banger.

They record their podcast live every Sunday at 1pm EST on YouTube. Or you can wait and they’ll push it out to all of your normal podcast listening outlets later in the day. So if you’re looking for a video game centered podcast that with it bit more flavor, check out the Lords at their roundtable on YouTube and wherever you get your podcast.

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