CFTC BEST OF 2018: Interviews

2018 has been an epic year for creators for The Culture at large and us here at Creators For The Culture the blog. We’re taking a look back at the best of the best of our posts this year and here we’re focusing on the interviews.

From comic book creators, to YouTubers, to the editor-in-cheif of a major music publication, check out our best interviews and #GetFamiliar.

allpodcastsmatter hosts interview

#AllPodcastsMatteris a comedic podcast covering social issues, current events, and pop and blerd culture. Hosts Keane and Vick are opposites but come together perfectly to create a show that is equal parts nerdy, comedic, and woke. We’ve featured the show on our list of 10 Of The Best Black Podcastand now we sit down with the hosts to learn more about them and the show so check out our interview with these talented black podcasters. READ INTERVIEW

bryan edward hill interview

Bryan Edward Hillis one of the most talented and versatile writers in comics today. He’s written Batman to Witchblade and is about to take on the most infamous Wakandan of them all, Killmonger in the character’s first ever solo book run for Marvel. Check out our interview with Bryan as he discusses everything from almost becoming an FBI Agent to his mission to change the perceptions of what a writer of color can do in comics. READ INTERVIEW

cassidy edwards cnk daily

Meet Cassidy Edwards, bonafide hustler and sneakerhead. Cassidy is the Managing Editor for the sneaker and style blog CNKDaily. She’s all about sneakers, writing, street art, and #Chickspiration and is a creator for The Cultureto keep an eye on. READ INTERVIEW

chauncey robinson interview

Meet creator for The Culture Chauncey K. Robinson an award winning journalist, YouTuber, actress, horror lover, and much, much more. Check out our interview with one of the hardest working creators coming up in the game today. READ INTERVIEW

Greg Anderson Elysee 1

Greg Anderson Elyseeis a comic book creator making waves in the indie comic world. He’s a Glyph Comics Awards winner and with his unique mix of horror, fantasy, and black mythology he’s a creator for the culture to keep an eye on. READ INTERVIEW

kim somajor interview

Kim SoMajoris a creator for The Culturewho more than lives up to her moniker. Writer, PR guru, radio personality, hip-hop head. Oh and the Editor and Cheif of Hip-Hop Weekly. We catch up with this woman on the move and talk classic albums and how to be a hustler. READ INTERVIEW

Kawnza Osajyefo Interview

Kwanza Osajyefo is an outspoken comic book creator and ambassador for The Culture. He’s worked for the major aka DC and Marvel before betting on himself and leaving them to launch his own comics to tell the stories of characters that look like us. And with 2 successful and bold titles out now, he’s another creator for The Cultureto keep an eye on. READ INTERVIEW

phoenix sohl interview

Meet Phoenix Sohl,an artist media personality out of Atlanta, GA. She’s traveled the world and worked with/studied under some of the best in the world of dance, ,music, and acting The Culturehas to offer. She’s ambitious and had big plans to take over ,music and media. READ INTERVIEW

Robert Jeffrey comic book writer 2

Robert Jeffery II is a comic book creator on his grind in the comic world. He’s a Glyph Comics Awards nominee and the Editor-In-Chief of Plus he’ll have a DC Comics story published this December in the New Talent Showcase that will focus on John Stewart/ Green Lantern so he’s a creator for The Culture to keep an eye on. READ INTERVIEW

Tamika Newhouse Interview 2

Tamika Newhouseis a woman who wears many hats. Author, publisher, speaker, producer, and CEO to be exact. And she’s had an interesting journey going from a teen mom to the author of 13 novels and the winner of 8 African American Literary Awards. She also started Delphine Publications which has published nearly 150 titles, launching the careers of numerous fellow writers. And in addition to writing and publishing, she now tours the country speaking about overcoming her teen pregnancy to fulfill her dreams, as well as teaching aspiring writers the publishing ropes and has even dipped her toes into the film production game. And all this with the ultimate goal of becoming a literary rockstar. READ INTERVIEW

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