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allpodcastsmatter interview


#AllPodcastsMatter is a comedic podcast covering social issues, current events, and pop and blerd culture. Hosts Keane and Vick are opposites but come together perfectly to create a show that is equal parts nerdy, comedic, and woke. We’ve featured the show on our list of 10 Of The Best Black Podcast and now we sit down with the hosts to learn more about them and the show so check out our interview with these talented black podcasters and #GetFamiliar.


How long have you two known each other and how did you meet?

We have known each other since Y2k. We met in high school in a doomsday preppers AP course. But seriously we did meet in high school. But we became friends because have a lot of mutual friends that drink together.

Where did the idea for #Allpodcastsmatter come from and how did you guys decide to work together on it?

Initially I ,Keane, had the idea to start a podcast about pop culture and social issues because the podcasts I listened to weren’t doing that. I wanted to hear movie reviews with social commentary, and the movie reviews I was listening to were vaguely racist with some form of micro aggressions. A podcast didn’t know the difference between Lil’ Romeo and Lil’ Bow Wow and I was deeply offended.


And why the name #AllPodcastMatter?

#Alllivesmatter and #Bluelivesmatter had appeared, and it was sort of re-appropriating the term for us.


How would you describe your show?

The show is about politics, social issues, entertainment news, Keanu Reeves, and movie reviews. Also about really about two friends getting to know each other.


How would you classify the style of your comedy?

We really have two different styles of comedy that mesh well together. It’s deadpan, witty, informative and at times a bit crass. I think the best way to describe our style comedy is pain. We laugh through the atrocities in our lives and in the world, because that’s how we deal.

What is the genesis of the “What Donnie Did” segment?

We don’t want to talk about Donnie really. This was supposed to be a one off subject. It’s was a quick way to really keep abreast of what Donnie was doing with out taking too much time out of the show.


Since you do get political, how do you handle trolls, Trump bots, hate in general, etc.?

We try to engage respectfully with trolls, bots and ignorant folk. At some point we have to consider our time, and resort to blocking or muting because it isn’t worth the effort. Also reading a person’s bio, or seeing their avi will generally tell you whether or not this is going to be an engaging activity.


Do you think you’ve been able to go further with jokes or themes of discussion via the podcast medium that you might not have been able to do/get away with in other mediums?

Podcast definitely allows for more freedom over other mediums like television or traditional radio. Notably we aren’t beholden to corporate interests. We can say whatever we please since we publish the content ourselves. Freedom feels fantastic.


Do you think that the world of podcasts is a welcoming one to people of color?

Yes and no, I felt like I had to kick in doors to make a space for myself here. Podcasts of color is like a genre in itself no matter the subject matter it seems.

You guys create a lot of content, a weekly show and a ton of movie reviews. How much time does it take and how much pressure do y’all feel to stay on schedule?

The pressure is immense; we pride ourselves on our output. We both lead pretty busy lifestyles. Despite leading complex lives I mean who doesn’t right?

We do our best to record at least 2 episodes a week. We really aim for at least 100 episodes a year. Plus practice makes perfect.


Can you give us a recap of the process to creating the show every week? Do you guys meet/write on Monday and then record on Wednesday for example?

We talk during the week about stories, or movies that should be reviewed.

For the news based show most of the writing is done together. A lot of back and forth, I don’t like this story, I like this story. Bouncing of ideas and thoughts and finally picking a top 5 and finally record.

What’s up with Keanu Reeves?

Keanu has a bit to do with the inception of #allpodcastsmatter. We both have a huge admiration, respect, appreciation, for not only Keanu’s acting but the kind of person he is. Giving up his seat on the subway, donating his salary from The Matrix. He is essentially a fantastic person despite living thru tragedy. He really is an inspiration to us all. Also John Wick film series is amazing and we are happy to be living in a Keanu Renaissance.


Could the two of you save the DC Cinematic Universe?

Yes, we definitely could. From a fan perspective the answers seem pretty obvious. Clean house and get some new film makers in there, notably no more Snyder. Get some film makers with passion and vision. There have been stories of filmmakers just passing thru and for one reason or another leaving their projects. For example Rick Fumuyiwa, he was ecstatic about a Flash film, he had a vision and has made some great films in the past. Let these directors cook.

Also do better at choosing a film slate. Just go for the lay ups for now, there is no need to pull up from half court. Focus on fundamentals baby. Give us a Batman film, a Man of Steel 2, get the ball rolling and move from there.

What has been your favorite episode or segment so far and why?

Vick – Casablanca review, It was fun and forever changed the way we reviewed movies.

Keane – Jurassic World-Fallen Kingdom, This is when I started listening to the show myself and I realized we were actually funny.


You all have been podcasting for over 2 years! What have been some of the craziest moments for you recording this podcast?

Keane – Sometimes my 4 year-old runs in the room while we’re recording. Also recording on fumes does happen sometimes. That’s pretty amusing. We often record for like 6 hours at a time. Towards the end I usually start hallucinating.


And what was a high moment for each of you from doing the show so far?

Meeting Cheo Coker at WiComiCon and reviewing Luke Cage Season 2. Made us feel like real deal critics.


Are there any subjects you wouldn’t touch on-air?

Reviews of Don’t Mess with The Zohan and Bojack Horseman respectively.

Yes there are subjects we don’t touch, but we cant tell you.

What does the term “The Culture” mean to each of you?

Keane -For us and by us but not in the form of a clothing line.

Vick – Black culture


What’s one piece of wisdom that you want to share with the future creators for the culture who are reading this?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Nobody can be you but you. I was initially concerned about the show sounding like others. But it doesn’t because we are different people, and the dynamic we have is different.

What can we expect from APM going forward

More interviews, hopefully more early film reviews once we gain access to screeners, more nerdy journalism in the form of con coverage.


What do you both hope to accomplish by the end of 2018? And what’s the ultimate goal for the show?

Ultimately I’d like to tour, sell merch, be invited to cons, and film premieres.


allpodcastsmatter interview


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