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Today on The Feat. we’re featuring one of the most prolific and popular black content creators on YouTube today, KSI.

Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji aka KSI is a British born YouTuber, gamer, rapper, and actor. His content is varied as he creates commentary, sketch, gaming, and even music videos, KSI’s videos have accumulated over 4 billion views and his main channel has over 20 million subscribers making him the 65th most subscribed user on YouTube currently.

KSI started humbly enough making videos of himself playing the FIFA soccer video game serious where he showed his amazing skills in the game and his ability to make people laugh and his career took off from there. KSI has also become well known for his music; he released his debut extended play, Keep Up, in 2016, reaching number one on the UK R&B Albums Chart. He talks big but can back it up (his content and the numbers he gets on his videos don’t lie and he’s even paricipaeted in a couple of YouTube Celebrity Boxing matches garnering YouTube some of it;s highest live streaming numbers ever. So if you wanna laugh, her some trash talk, or listen to some music, check KSI out.

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