Culture Classics I We’re All In The Same Gang

we're all in the same gang

Previously on #CultreClassics we’ve featured “Self-Destruction” by KRS-One and many of the top East Coast rappers of the time coming together to promote an anti-violence message so it’s only right we give the Westside it’s due with their classic hip-hop joint, “We’re All In The Same Gang”.

“We’re All In The Same Gang” was the California stop the violence all-star collaboration. Produced by Dr. Dre, the record featured Eazy-E, Tone-Loc, Ice-T, Young MC, MC Hammer and many more of the top in West Coast hip-hop. The song addressed the gang banging culture that had started in the West and was exploding at the time and having artists that were both of that culture and those outside of it coming together to address the negative realities of it was something much needed at the time.

The song was nominated for a Grammy in 1991 and it definitely a classic for The Culture.

Written by @TalentedMrFord

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