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Millennial In Debt is a YouTube channel dedicated to financial literacy. And during this unprecedented time, fewer things are more important. And of course this is a channel that does it with flair and represents for The Culture.

“Battling debt one ramen noodle meal at a time!” is the Millennial in Debt YouTube channel’s mantra. And on the channel you can get money advice, tips, and information on a weekly basis with a dash of teacher centric, fitness, and lifestyle in the mix. Some of the video series include; Stock Market 101, Credit Fact Friday, Side Hustle Gang, Student Loan Talk, and more.

The channel is run by Melissa, a highs school teacher, Queens, New York representative, and Adelphi University graduate. She has a homegirl vibe to her making her both relatable and a person you want to listen to. She does an excellent job of conveying sometimes complex financial topics, making them understandable even for a fiscal novice (which is no easy task).

At this point the channel has 29.2K subscribers and 1.5 million total views so it’s a channel on the come-up. And besides the pure educational content, they also a have web series on the channel. The series is 2 seasons and 20 episodes deep delivering into being young and (sometimes) dumb with your money. You’ll learn and be entertained by this channel so go and check it out!

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