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Chime Edwards Hair Crush

Black hair is unique we all know this in The Culture. And with the it needs unique and specialized coverage from us by us and today on The Feat. we are featuring one of the top black female hair YouTubers in the game, Chime Edwards Hair Crush channel.

Chime Edwards and her “Hair Crush” channel are something of a big deal. She has over 363,000 subscribers and a whopping 19 million plus total video views. She has a great personality and is very knowledgable about all things haircare and it’s easy to see why she would be considered an expert in the field. No doubt her sub and view totals are well deserved.

But Chime is also a YouTuber who’s channel is a bit more than meets the eye. The main focus is of course hair and skin care and her videos are excellently shot and edited. But she goes further with vids covering everything from cultural appropriation to hip-hop dance’s African roots, varied and very interesting stuff. Ladies looking to get their hair and their minds right can look no further.


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