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Asia Jackson is a YouTuber and actress out of Los Angeles. Her stated goal is to, “create videos that are dedicated to encouraging others to be the best versions of themselves through fashion, beauty, self-care, and vlogs.”

On her channel you can find a wide variety of interesting content. She makes video about skincare and the science behind it, fashion hauls and styling tips, “leveling up your lifestyle”, and just chronicles her journey towards optimizing her own mental and physical health. She has recently started a new series, a YouTube Original, titled “Tracing The Trend” where Asia and her guest trace the origins of a popular trend and examine how they’ve shaped society. So basically you can be entertained and informed on this channel.

On the acting front, Asia has been on her grind. She has appeared on the TV shows Modern Family, Speechless, The Young & The Restless, Superstore, Alone Together, and more recently: Lifetime’s TV movie ‘Stalked By A Reality Star‘.

Asia uploads videos every week so you can easily stay up to date with this creator for The Culture that is on the rise.

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