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Kenny For Real YouTuber


Kenny For Real is a YouTuber who specializes in making humorous and informative basketball videos. He provides news, commentary, and everything you need to stay up to date with the NBA. From the NBA draft, to all of the crazy off-season moves, onto the season and all the way through playoffs and finals. Kenny is prolific and keeps you in the loop dropping multiple videos a week.

The key to Kenny’s success is his innate ability to display an immense about of knowledge about the game of basketball yet still present himself in an relatable way. He’s like your homeboy that just loves talkin’ hoops and has jokes. He is a must watch for NBA heads.

Kenny has been making videos for 8 years now and has amassed over 500,000 subscribers and 60 million views on his main page Kenny For Real alone. And being the truest of content creators, he has 4 other channels! One is a podcast and the others are dedicated to basketball gaming, and one even covers baseball.

So make sure to check out this YouTuber who is on a serious grind creating some seriously entertaining sports content.


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