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Today on The Feat. we’re featuring one of the top sneaker YouTubers, Bull1tRC.


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He recently made our list of the Sneaker YouTubers You Gotta Watch. and even though he’s one of the youngest YouTuber sneakerheads at age 23 he’s actually an OG in the game and has been creating content on YouTube since 2011 and has worked his way up to almost 700,000 subscribers.


Bull1tRC does a bit of everything on his channel including the standard reviews and unboxings. But he also does weekly sneaker rotation vids, thrift store vlogs, clothing hauls, lists, discussions/rants and more. He has an excellent camera, does great editing, and overall has high production value so it’s evident that he takes his channel and the content he creates seriously. And perhaps the coolest thing about his videos are his on-feet segments where he’ll show off the kicks with different pants to give potential sneaker buyers a sense of all the ways to rock that particular sneaker.


Check out his channel here: and his most recent upload below:



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